Dear Lucas - A Mother goes all Jackie Chan - kidGLloves

Dear Lucas - A Mother goes all Jackie Chan - kidGLloves

Easter Greetings to all our chocolate-chomping GL Gang members

I am soooooo loving the Easter holidays. I’m having an awesome time and seen loads of my friends. Big Up to my mate Jordan though whose fractured his wrist whilst roller-skating! I hope everyone has a cool Easter and I send you XL MEGA chocolate-covered High-5’s!

Some of you may not be aware but we have a few teenage members in the GL Gang. See? It just goes to show KidGLloves is universal. Obviously, all the stimulating debate about Haribo and Katy Perry is relevant to all ages.

One of our teenage followers has written to me with a rather amusing incident but is also seeking advice regarding his Mother’s actions during a specific incident. So, I am rather pleased and proud, this week, to present this letter from Sam, aged 14 years.

Dear Lucas

I’m writing to tell you about a rather peculiar incident which happened the other day involving me, my iphone and headphones, my Mum and the toilet. Well, I say peculiar, but I think I mean mentally scarring,and it will probably haunt me for the rest of my life!

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