Dear Forest Holidays

Dear Forest Holidays........ - kidGLloves

Dear Forest Holidays

We thought it would be polite of us to write to you before we descend on you and stay in the log cabin you have so thoughtfully provided for us when we arrive at Deer Park . We are especially looking forward to the hot tub and will be ensuring that time spent in it is equally shared out. This is because we KNOW that the Parents will try and take ownership of said hot tub and that’ll be the last time we get any form of reasonable/responsible parenting out of them!

We are sooooo excited about meeting you all and we only hope that the weather stays dry so that we can enjoy all the activities you have on offer, especially the Bush Skills, although Grace is somewhat concerned that Lucas will be channelling certain characters from Lord of the Flies during this activity so thinks it’s only fair to pre-warn your Rangers! Lucas says – I love the name ‘Rangers’ – I must have a chat with them about my career prospects……………

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