Dear CSA, You Stink.

Dear CSA, You Stink.

The new CSA arrangements are that single parents must come to a maintenance agreement with their child's absent parent "amicably" or face a charge.

The charge will be applied to both parents: the person paying the maintenance will have a 20% charge added to their payment, and the person receiving the payment pays 4% of it.

This puts me in a tricky position. There are essentially three options open to me:

1. Speak to S's father and make an "amicable" arrangement with the man who told everyone he intended to take my child from me at the first available opportunity. The man who was too busy sleeping with other people to visit me us for more than a few hours a day while we were in hospital after S was born. The man who... well, you all know the story by now; it's not pretty.

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