Dealing with coughs, colds and high temperatures

Dealing with coughs, colds and high temperatures

Last week, first one child had a really high temperature, and then the other two succumbed to the same virus too. Soon all three of my children were suffering from fire and brimstone temperatures of 40˚C (104˚F). They each spiked two to three fevers a day, usually in the evenings and nights, sometimes at the same time. For the girls (aged five and seven), the illness lasted several days each. But my poor toddler, aged two, suffered for an entire miserable week. So much for trying to lead a healthier family life. And as I raced from one child to the next, mopping brows, administering medicine and checking temperatures (while feeling quite scared and coughing and sneezing with the same virus) I came to a few realisations. This is what I would like to say to all children suffering from coughs, colds and high temperatures, on behalf of your concerned mothers and fathers: If a parent is so concerned about your welfare as to want to bring down your raging fever, please kindly accept any medicine offered. Don’t clamp your mouth shut and say, ‘No! No medicine, don’t like medicine’ or ‘Don’t like that one.’

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