Daytime camping

Daytime camping

As a child I have fond memories of camping (well caravanning actually, but lets not split hairs). I love the thought of being outdoors, fresh air and nature. I remember having lots of fun. We had games with all the children on the campsite joining in, many laughs, horses in tents and wellies stuck in mud, just to remember a few things.

Some people would look back at my stories and think, it sounds terrible! But I don’t, I look back and think what fun and great family holidays we had. (I think my brother may say differently, he didn’t like so much walking and roughing it on a campsite).

This is what I would like to do with my children, bring them up to enjoy the great outdoors, walking, nature and generally having great fun outside. However, we have not been brave enough yet to take three children under six camping. So, to give them a taste of it, we went to the New Forest, stayed in my parents static caravan, but spent the whole day on the campsite close by, where a group of close friends were camping. It was a fantastic experience!

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