Day in the life

Day in the life

As my due date gets closer, I want to remember what life was like before the baby arrives. Listening to friends talking about life for them now with kids, I am finding myself savouring moments like being able to bake on a whim, sleeping until 8am on the weekends and just popping in the shower when it suits me. I thought it would be fun to document a typical day for me before baby arrives so I can look back and remember what life used to be like.

6:30 AM// Wake up to the alarm, snooze and try wake up to be in the shower for 6:45. Often though, especially now as it is still dark outside, getting in the shower is more likely to be 6:50 or even 6:55 if I want to push it.

7:20 AM// Head downstairs after getting ready, make sandwiches for me and the hubby and have some cereal or my favourite at the moment is a slice of toasted raisin & cinnamon loaf

So here is what a normal weekday looks like for me.

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