Day 20: Viva La Siblinghood.

Day 20: Viva La Siblinghood. Day 20: My Siblings

I am the eldest of the lot. We have another half younger sister aged 12 who is based in Jakarta. My blood related sister is a year apart and my brother is 6 years my junior.

I was the tyrant big sister. I kid you not. I was obsessed with being in control and in power. I would hit (or kick them if they were in my way) them if I need to. I remembered choking my 5 year old brother in the lift till he went weak in his knees and collapsed one time. I know right, I had issues.

I believe I was an awesome sister besides having an a-hole of a temper. I would lead them into forested area (near Lorong Ah Soo) to hunt for snakes, climb trees and take them run inside the drains at the landed property beside our flat. We would go sliding down slopes on cardboard boxes. I even created a club called the Cub Club. Of course, I chose to be the lion, the leader because hey, I formed that club you know!


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