Day 1..........Paris Here We Come.

Day 1..........Paris Here We Come.

As I write this blog I am currently perched on a temporary seat in the baggage hold of the 2.30 pm Eurostar London to Paris. This was not how our adventure was supposed to begin but unfortunately due to Mother Nature having a strop last night and battering the country with her vengeance this is exactly how it has begun.

Last night we had resigned ourselves to the fact we were going nowhere and a week at home was inevitable.............................This morning however Mr DG had marched us out of the door into the car and plonked us all on the station with determination in his eyes and a no nonsense to the British weather kind of attitude. We waited for hours for the train to take us to London and watched as the time slipped away before us knowing that we had well and truly missed our ride to Paris, I will admit to exclaiming several times that I wanted to go home and give up but he was having none of it.

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