Darya Is A Shark Week!

Darya Is A Shark Week!

Because I was bored and I believe I am more productive when The Husband is away. I seem to have lots of plans and ideas brewing when I am on solo duty.

This shark-face was done months back. Notice the swollen gum on the Little Miss.

So one fine day, this girl wanted me to make her a shark. I was on a hunt for boxes for her doll house project http://www.daryathedrama.blogspot.sg/2014/07/project-darya-doll-house.html (which had to be put on hold because of the lack of materials. There seemed to be some underground movement in our Bedok/Chai Chee neighborhood who seems to be controlling the recycled boxes/used boxes. I was once being told off by a box lady who said 'OI! YOU DON'T ANYHOW TAKE AR! BIG BROTHER IS WATCHING!' while I was rummaging through the dustbin compartment (yes i look like a badass scavenger doing that) *i make sad face* So the search for huge boxes seem futile for now. I made do with whatever tiny box I could find.

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