Danger at sea - without getting wet!

Danger at sea - without getting wet!

Small daughter had great fun at the weekend trying a new Kindle book out. We don't have a Kindle but it was easy to download to an iPod with an app. It's called Your Book, Your Story - Mermaid Adventure and it's an interactive book for children aged 4-9 who may or may not need any help to read it. I don't usually do reviews like this but I happen to know the author very well so I've made an exception in this case!

The idea of the book is to help to rescue a mermaid Princess who has gone missing. As the main character, you develop a tail and swim into an underwater world to join in the adventure. At the end of every page, you have to make a decision. Do you turn left or right? Do you speak to someone or not? Do you swim or hide? The choice is always yours and whatever you decide can help you to find the Princess or lead you into danger.

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