Damaris Luxury Lingerie Comeptition

Damaris Luxury Lingerie Comeptition

Ahh lingerie, lingerie (pronounced linger -ee obviously). How I remember those days of matching underwear, silk and lace... Nowadays I'm lucky if I have time to slurp a cup of tea down before the school run, never mind seek out matching bras and knickers from the ironing pile (not that I iron underwear you understand, it just seems to be where all the clean washing sits until I can find a spare half hour to sort it out).

So anyway, how nice would it be to throw away those saggy, greying nanna knickers that are still in the drawer despite promising myself they'd be chucked out as soon as my c-section had healed (what? They're comfy!). To finally bin those breastfeeding bras - it's not like I wap my puppies out much these days.

To go on a spending spree and fill my drawers with new drawers...

Well, Damaris are running a fabulous competition where you could do just that. One lucky lady (or gent for that matter - I've spied some rather lovely Liberty print men's boxers on their site. What? I was looking for research purposes) will win £1,000 worth of their choice of items from the site.

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