Dalí and the Costa Brava

Dalí and the Costa Brava

Salvador Dalí, one of the greatest artists of the twentieth century, spent most of his life on the Costa Brava. I visited the area recently with my eldest on a parent blogger trip, and soon after we arrived we found ourselves sitting at Dalí’s favourite table at Restaurant Duran in Figueres. The table is in an alcove at the back of the restaurant, just beyond an old well and the wine cellar.

Apparently Dalí first went there as a child with his father, a local lawyer, and used to go there for lunch most days when he was in town. When we arrived and I saw the three course menu I didn’t feel hungry at all, as we’d left home at 5am that day and I was feeling a little spaced out. I chose vegetable pannacotta followed by monkfish and vegetables then lemon sorbet. It was all so delicious that my appetite soon returned and I was revived and ready for the Dalí Theatre Museum a few streets away.

Dalí created this museum on the site of the town’s nineteenth century theatre building, ruined during the Spanish Civil War.

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