Cutouts After Matisse

Cutouts After Matisse

The Matisse ‘Cutouts’ exhibition is on at the Tate Modern in London until 7 September and Tamara and I went to see it a few days ago.

Matisse was born in 1869, so he was already of advancing years when he stopped painting in 1949 because of his failing health.

He had already being doing paper cutouts or gouaches découpés for a number of years as a means of positioning objects which he would then use as a guide to a composition that he would then paint.

Now because he did not have the strength to paint, he did Cutouts as an art form in itself.

He did not buy in coloured paper. He had plain paper painted with gouache colour paint to the particular colours that he wanted. The clue of course, is in the French name gouaches découpés for the art form.

The idea of arranging elements to make a composition got me thinking that I could do the same in Photoshop.

I could make a shape on a layer and fill it with colour....

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