Curley's Dining Rooms, Horwich

Curley's Dining Rooms, Horwich

Curley's Dining Rooms is just a few minutes from where I live, yet I had never been before this week. It sits on the site of a picturesque fishery overlooking Rivington on one side, and the Fylde Coast to the other. It's gone through an extensive transformation over the last few years, but seems to have settled nicely at its present state.

In all honesty, I presumed that it was still a bit of a fisherman's cafe like the old site was. It was my brother and sister in law who started going a while back, mainly because it was somewhere they could take their pooch, Beau. Apparently it's one of his favourite places...

The staff are quite happy for dogs to come for lunch, even cheeky little Jack Russells like our Beau! This makes it the perfect place to visit before a walk up Rivington, which is literally just on the doorstep.

We decided to go and sample the menu one night after work. It was nice and quiet so we got the chance to take in a bit of the scenery too.

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