Cupcakes {Chai / Ovaltine}

Cupcakes {Chai / Ovaltine}

Delicious diddy cupcakes on 76 sunflowers today...

I'm not 100% sure what defines a cupcake. Is it the same as a fairy cake? What I've baked today are what I would usually call a bun. But that seems to have gone out of fashion so I'll stick with cupcake. A naked cupcake if you like as I always picture cupcakes covered in decorative buttercream - which neither of my two children like. Odd things.

Anyhow, today I had a little experiment in the kitchen and played around with my 'go to' 4oz/4oz/4oz and 2 eggs recipe. I wanted to use up my natural yogurt - and cut the fat - and add some flavours; chai for me, Ovaltine chocolate for the kiddies.

Here's what you need and how to do it... .......

Mix the flour, sugar, yogurt, Stork and eggs in one bowl until smooth. If making two different flavours of cupcake split the mix equally between two bowls. Into one bowl mix the Chai Latte powder, into the other the Ovaltine Chocolate powder. Spoon equally into cupcake cases. This makes enough mix for six of each.

I think the cinnamon glaze from my Chai & Cinnamon loaf would top

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