Crying: a survival guide

Crying: a survival guide

Is your baby’s weeping winding you up? Are your toddler’s tears testing your patience? What about your children’s screeching, hollering and whinging? Are you ready to up sticks and move to a deserted island (budge up Tom Hanks, the mammies are a coming). Then you are in dire need of the Complicated Gorgeousness guide to surviving the caterwauling. We know that babies (and children) are supposed to cry (it is their means of communication and expression blah, blah, blah). It is also part of the package plan that we signed up for along with snuggles and giggles. But some days does their bawling feel like someone has stuck two fingers up your nostrils and is rudely prodding you directly in the brain. Like there is a party behind your eyebrows where no fugger likes you and you certainly weren’t invited.

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