Creativity, Exercise and Small Indulgences

Creativity, Exercise and Small Indulgences

Many mothers feel the guilt when they indulge themselves in something that isn’t focused on someone else.  Too many of us put off selfish pursuits or even small indulgences because we are too busy doing other things for other people.  Wait a minute – just mothers?  Nope, many people do it, all the time – and I did it before I became a mom, but I am only coming to this realization as a mom and as I interact with other moms.

We can’t help it, whether we work from home, work full time ++, part time, work for ourselves, or stay at home to care for our children. There is always something or someone that needs attention and our time, the most precious commodity we have. We willingly give up that time to others and put it to good use. For other people.

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