Create better black and white photographs

Create better black and white photographs

I have fond memories of shooting in black and white film then anxiously waiting while the negatives were developed. I also recall the anticipation, the excitement and often the disappointment it brought too!

The Black & White Photography Project was devised to embrace the wonderful world of monochrome regardless of what we use to achieve it. What a fitting start to kick off with a post on how to create better black & white photographs.

Shoot in RAW

Many of us take photographs in colour occasionally converting them to black and white. Those of you with a camera may have heard about shooting in RAW. It’s a file format that captures all the image data without compressing it. It enables you to produce higher quality images and correct problem images that you’d not be able to recover in JPEG format. You can read about RAW vs JPEG here and understand the benefits of RAW here.

Shoot in colour

If you don’t have a camera with RAW or you use your mobile, there are plenty of ways to convert your photograph. Pic Monkey is a excellent editing tool plus there’s Instagram and numerous photographic apps including Snapseed.

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