Creamy Rustic Sausages

Creamy Rustic Sausages

This is another adaptable dish that can be multiplied or shrunk depending on how many people there are to feed and their vegetable preferences. I would have put mushrooms in today too to balance out the sausages but we didn't have any so had to make do with just tinned peas. Just about anything you have could go in there. For me though the honey and mustard is key. Ilove the taste and it's really fun to hear the sizzle and see the colour change from pale to rich, dark and comforting golden brown when you add the honey to the pan. The onions go practically caramelised and makes we want to eat them just as they are. Then the addition of the cream reminds you that it's ok to indulge at dinner sometimes as well as at pudding. I could eat this more often than I do but I do try to be good. Most of the time. Sometimes. Occasionally.

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