Cranberry Oat Streusal Muffins

Cranberry Oat Streusal Muffins I was determined to make something healthy this month for Secret Recipe Club.   I planned to make this tasty looking salad but when my shopping arrived the romaine lettuce was missing.   Never mind, I thought I would wait until I was out at the shops and buy some lettuce then.   I forgot.   It seemed that I was not meant to make that salad, although it is still on my list.

Instead, I opted to make these delicious sweet oaty cranberry muffins flavoured with cinnamon.   The attraction?   That dark sugary streusal topping.   I love streusal and can never resist a muffin or cake with a streusal top.   Usually it’s not me who’s made it though.   These are the type of muffins I see when I’m in a cafe and just have to have.   They are normally my can’t resist impulse buy.

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