Crafty Christmas wish-list

Crafty Christmas wish-list

Are you the type of person who can fashion jewellery, clothes, bags or ornaments out of an old pair of curtains and a piece of string?

No, neither am I. But I’m amazed by the number of talented people out there who create beautiful items, using their bare hands and a heap of skill and ingenuity.

Over the last week I’ve been scouring the web for crafty gift ideas. If you’d like to fill your stockings with something a little more interesting than the standard fare you get on Amazon, why not check out some of the items on my crafty Christmas wish-list?

First up, I followed a pointer by Penny Alexander and visited Rachel Eardley’s online shop. She has some very nice screen prints, but my favourite from her current stock are these wren earrings, cut from an old penny farthing coin.

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