#CraftBlogClub - The Turn of the Crafty Twitterati!

#CraftBlogClub - The Turn of the Crafty Twitterati!

As a blog category, it seemed to me that craft bloggers are fiercely underrecognised, even though there are LOADS of us AND we make exciting, unique and wonderful things. I really enjoy being part of #HandmadeHour on Wednesdays and often pop in on #PBloggers and #Lbloggers too, but I really wanted a twitter hour dedicated to crafting - to meet other craft bloggers and inspire each other!

So I took it upon myself to create #CraftBlogClub - which will now run every TUESDAY from 7PM - 8PM. This isn't a place to talk 'business' as such, it's not to sell or promote products. It's for craft bloggers, crafters and people who enjoy reading craft blogs, to come along, share some links and perhaps take a bit of inspiration away for their upcoming projects.

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