CountryWives - Making the most of the Right Side of Fifty

CountryWives - Making the most of the Right Side of Fifty

Bonjour a tout la monde - I think I left my last blog with the words "quick, the sun is shining, gotta dash!" and indeed it hasn't stopped since. Oh bliss… here in France the world almost stops when it gets hot, well certainly in this particular area which is a very sleepy little hamlet of medieval stone houses. After a visit to India a couple of years ago, I am quite convinced that if a rural Indian were to visit rural France he would think the world had ended as nothing moves after midday, instead of everything happening very noisily all day and night in even the remotest Indian village. The French habit of keeping the shutters closed (you must leave an inch crack so any flies gravitate towards the sunshine and leave the house - how obvious is that!) makes all the houses look deserted. The sheep, which are the Quercy type, have large black eyes that make them look as though they are wearing sunglasses, gather in flocks and sleep under large shady oaks, with the occasional bleat fro...

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