#CountryKids at Legoland Windsor with our top tips!

#CountryKids at Legoland Windsor with our top tips!

As we had been staying in Ascot at the weekend we finally had a chance to use the half price Happy Meal vouchers for entry to Legoland Windsor on Monday. There are so many ways to get discounted entry into the park I am surprised any one pays full price (unless like me on a previous visit you didn't read the small print...):

Kellogs cereal packets and Wotsits have buy one get one free Tesco and Sainsbury's reward points can get you in free Buy in advance from the web site and get reduced prices

Based upon previous experience we got to the park at just after 9 and so were able to get parked up easily. You can get your entry tickets at this time without a long queue but then have to wait to be allowed in through the barriers at 9:30. Once through the barriers we headed to the top of the path down to the side of the park we wanted to go to first. They don't let you past this point until 10 but if you are near the front then you are in a prime spot!

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