Country Kids: Little Bear goes to the zoo

Country Kids: Little Bear goes to the zoo This week we had the company of Little Bear, the 5yo’s Kindergarten class mascot. For those of you not familiar with this preschool/school joy; your child gets the class ‘friend’ home for a weekend and you get to take it on exciting trips and write all about it in a journal…

I’ve lost count of the number of bears (pigs/elephants/dogs) we’ve had home over the years. It’s one of those exciting events for your child, that really means homework for mummy… There was a mix up last Friday and the teacher forgot to give the 5yo the bear. Cue lots of tears. Mummy dutifully wrote a note for the teacher and Little Bear came home on Monday. Cue lots of tears. The 5yo was distraught that he would only get to see the bear after school and wouldn’t be able to go on adventures. So, mummy came to the rescue with an impromptu trip to the zoo after school on Wednesday.


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