Country Kids: a Cub Scout hike

Country Kids: a Cub Scout hike

Last weekend was a busy one. Swim classes, a birthday party, lots of domestic and DIY stuff to catch up on. Not a lot of time for to get some fresh air or spend any time together as a family; while not running an errand anyway!

So, when it came time for the 8yo to head off to join his Cub Scout Pack for a hike in the Middlesex Fells Reservation, we all went along. The Fells is a large area of woodland about five miles north of Boston and not far from our house. There are many different trails throughout the Fells; for walkers, cyclists and horse riders; and we have walked quite a few of them. The trail we took with the Scouts was a new one to us though and it was a lovely walk; just what we all needed to blow away the cobwebs and forget about the to-do list for a couple of hours.

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