Could our girls wear pink with pride?

If pink means gay, then pink is good. So why can’t we say the same of little-girl pink?

Last night I was chatting with some good (gay) friends. They said you’re less likely to see pink used as a symbol of solidarity these days, now the gay rights movement has won some long-fought battles (like same-sex marriage).

Even so, until recently the pink triangle was second only to the rainbow flag as a badge of honour. Marketeers still speak of the ‘pink pound’ (the dosh available to gay men and lesbians – it hefts a huge amount of clout). When, many years ago, I worked for a gay rights group and we went along to lobby a (straight) Tory politician, he wore a pink tie to the meeting, presumably to show his solidarity with the cause.

Gay people and their friends, wearing pink? Good.

But little girls, all dressed up in that very same shade? Bad, according to some feminist campaign organisations, like Pink Stinks.

Why this difference?

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