Could domestic chores be the new foreplay?

Could domestic chores be the new foreplay?

A few weeks after I’d had my second baby, I was standing in the kitchen stirring something on the hob (don’t get excited - it was probably baked beans and I was definitely wearing saggy tracksuit bottoms). I imagine my day had consisted of feeding, feeding some more, negotiating with my 22- month old (while feeling guilty that the new baby had robbed me and him of time together, and then feeling guilty that my poor newborn was being parked in her bouncer in a corner out the way so the toddler couldn’t sit on her) and basically working out the logistics of two kids. My husband had just got in from work and sunk in to a cute little low armchair I’d purchased for somewhere comfy to sit for the hours of feeding. ‘Do you know…’ he started, not making eye contact but sinking further down in to the chair and rubbing the arms of it back and forth ’…this chair is the perfect height for a blow job’.

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