Couch to ...err 24 miles in 19 days - Sport Relief #TeamHonk

Couch to ...err 24 miles in 19 days - Sport Relief #TeamHonk

This year it’s Sport Relief and Team Honk are organising a baton relay from Land’s End to John o’Groats, they’re calling on bloggers from all over the country to join in and take the baton from A to B in their area making it the longest, slowest trek up the country but a fun one.

Some irresistible force from deep within that ignored every single bit of sense I possess made me put my hand up and say ‘I’d love to help.’

You know when you hear yourself saying something and think – Why did I say that? but it was too late, I will not let the Honkers down and therefore I must take the baton from Gravesend, my home town, over to Southend where the Essex team will take over.

So peeps on the 25th January – and it has to be that day. I will transport the baton over to Southend. IF you want to help and share the mileage then PLEASE (begs) get in touch as I could do with all the help I can get here.

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