Coping with an unexpected loss

Coping with an unexpected loss

On Thursday I posted on my Facebook wall that the day was going to be an exciting day and that I looked forward to sharing some news later that day.

Little did I know how wrong that was going to be.

You see, a few weeks earlier my eldest had told me that she was pregnant again. This was such fabulous news, but also tinged with uncertainty. Although she has an absolutely wonderful little boy who is coming up for 3 years old, she’s had to endure 4 previous miscarriages. At 22 (as she was at the time of her last one) this has to be a lot to take.

We were full of anticipation as the weeks went on. During those very early weeks, she was understandably worried and she ended up going to the early pregnancy unit more for reassurance. There was a big mess up with her bloods and she ended up having to have them retaken before they could scan. Those results came through and she was able to have a scan the next day which showed everything was progressing as it should.

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