Cool at the Pool: Stan’s Snow Cones

Cool at the Pool: Stan’s Snow Cones

Last Saturday I went down to the Pells Pool in Lewes, East Sussex, to meet Stanley Wood of Stan’s Snow Cones.

Stan is 13 years old. He’s been saving his pocket money since he was five – yes FIVE – because he “couldn’t think of anything to spend it on.” All his mates had an Xbox, so he’d just go over to theirs if he wanted to game.

He says he was waiting for the right business opportunity to present itself.

And on a spring-time family holiday to New York City, it did. Stan was at a People’s Pops stand when he noticed that they did something on the side that he’d not seen before: ‘shaved ice‘.

After asking where they got their trays and scrapers, he ventured to an underground market dedicated to the catering industry to buy the kit. And then schlepped it all back to Lewes in his suitcase.

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