Cookisto: Our Time of Gifts week 29

Pigeon Pair and Me: Cookisto: Our Time of Gifts week 29

This week, either through some karmic downswing, or because we’ve all reached the end of our sunshine-borne levels of endurance, the whole household has succumbed to a nasty winter cold. AND our cooker has chosen this exact moment to stop working.

When we moved into our house four-and-a-half years ago, we inherited the oven, along with other fixtures that had previously been used by the house’s tenants. It was one of the first things we were going to replace; but somehow, we never quite got round to it.

Someone’s coming to check it out later this morning, to see whether they can salvage any spark of life from the old beast. But, while we were oven-less, I decided to take the opportunity to try Cookisto, a website I heard about a while ago, and had been meaning to check out.

Cookisto began in Greece, and has been running in this country for a few months.

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