Cooking with Neocate! Quiche revisited...

Cooking with Neocate! Quiche revisited...

My children are nutritionally deficient without Neocate, as are many children on restricted diets. It is an elemental formula "milk" based on basic amino acids. It is a nutritionally complete formula and onr youngest son was exclusively tube fed Neocate for almost a year.Our Neocate is a prescribed medication from Gt Ormond Street. Although my children CAN eat egg in limited quantities, there are so many other foods they cannot have that getting as much Neocate into them as possible is a great way to boost their nutritional status.

Neocate is pretty easy to cook with, I've made rice puddings, custards, white sauces etc with it. It's best to eat it on the day of cooking, but now my children are older and although immunodeficient not immunosuppressed I often keep the quiche a couple of days in the fridge. (NB this is NOT medical advice, this is personal choice, please check with your healthcare professional for individual advice which WILL vary with the age of your child and reason for prescribing.)

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