Cooking class for kids: making pizzas

Cooking class for kids: making pizzas

One of the treats in our house used to be Friday night Pizza Night. (That was before it became Friday night Pancake Night after my recent success with wholemeal and spelt pancakes.) But recently the kids have started asking for pizza again. Confession time here: I’ve only made pizzas from scratch with my children once. They really enjoyed it but frankly, all that faffing around with the yeast and kneading was always just a step too far after the school run. Especially when you’re dealing with laundry mountains and tiredness and squabbles. But making pizzas from scratch has long been on my list of things I want to do. After all, a home-made pizza is clearly a lot healthier than a shop-bought version – you can control exactly how much salt goes in, the type of flour you use and the quantity of veg on the top. And there are zero additives too. So when my older two (aged seven and five) were offered the chance to trial a kids’ pizza-making class in – my stars! – a real Italian restaurant, it seemed as though all their Christmases, and mine, had come at once.

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