Conversations with the teenage boy

On Facebook: The teenage boy: Fuuuuucking hell, fire in Keuhner. (The residence where the teenage boy lives while attending university).

Mom: Oh my goodness, is everyone okay? And you son?

The teenage boy: I had to fireman carry out Ryan, so I’m a little smoked and exhausted. My leg hurts; I had to kick down Ryan’s door.

Ryan: Thank you teenage boy for saving my life.

Mom: What?

Switch to BBM:

Mom: Is what you just said on Facebook true?

The teenage boy: Yeah The teenage boy: Yeah, I’m getting a scholarship from the university npw (npw = no problem whatsoever)

Mom: Phone me

The teenage boy: Oh god you’re fun in the morning.

Switch back to Facebook:

Mom: Please do not screw with mom’s brain early in the morning.

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