Controlled Crying? Out of Control Crying, More Like

I thought with ‘crying to sleep’ he was supposed to do all the crying. Clearly our last attempt was to prove this naïve viewpoint completely and utterly wrong.

Controlled crying my rectum – out of f**king control crying more like!

For those unaware the system works like this:

Child cries for two minutes.

Adult goes in and goes ‘There there it’s alright I’m here’ in a very gentle la la sing songy voice, like your words are made of cloud. You may even put a hand ever so softly on the tummy. As softly as a soap bubble that doesn’t burst.

Child stops crying and murmurs with contentment at your presence.

Adult leaves.

Child cries again, but this time you wait for four minutes.

Etc etc… Until your baby realises that he’s still safe without you, you’re there if he needs you and he drops off to the land of nod with a dream in his hand and a placid look on his face.


You need to understand at this point that Edgar has several different levels of crying.

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