Contact lenses for kids - a great idea.

As a long term glasses/lenses wearer, I will admit to being more than a little upset to find out that my boy was very shortsighted. His myopia was diagnosed before he was 1 during a check up for what turned out not to be a squint. Don't tell me how they managed to work it out, but there it was. And not just a little shortsighted - at the age of 1, he was sitting at -8 - twice as shortsighted as I am - and it has only got worse. As he approached his 8th birthday, the wonderful consultant suggested trying contact lenses. The boy was reasonably ambivalent about it, but the Husband and I were keen to give it a go - crucially, while nothing has been proven, there was anecdotal evidence that wearing a particular type of lens could help slow his particular type of 'galloping myopia'.

2 years on, and Blue wears a type of gas permeable lens that we get on the NHS. I'll be the first to admit that it hasn't been easy.

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