Confidence Trousers

Confidence Trousers - Tealady Mumbles

CONFIDENCE TROUSERS: My self-esteem challenge to myself.

I set myself a little challenge: Buy the trousers, wear them, and be CONFIDENT.

I saw these trousers in Primark, and loved them. I love kitschy, 80s/90s style and colours. These trousers were calling to me, from the rack. My first thought was “I can’t buy these, I’ll look ridiculous.”

But then I thought “But why not? It’s the fashion, it’s the style, they’re only trousers! BUY THEM”

I decided to try them on. They looked OK actually. Rather bright, but they fitted, and I don’t think they made me look too fat or anything. Some bumps and lumps appear, but not too hideous, I thought.

So I bought them.

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