When I was a girl (both little and big) I had very little confidence. There were a lot of incidences where I was dumstruck in social situations and had no idea how to handle them. On one occasion me and my sister arrived at my brother’s fancy dress competition at school with our multi coloured ponchos on (it was the 70’s!) and were handed a ticket to take part. We were so embarrassed and didn’t know what to do so we attempted to shove the ticket into our mum’s handbag. She caught us out and did a great big embarrassing snorty laugh before giving it back to the ladies at the desk. I was always a bit angry about that, like my lack of confidence was my mum’s fault.

I did ballet, but my sister did no extra currilcular activities. I stopped ballet 2 years in, once I was in a class of 3 and the other 2 girls were older than me and wouldn’t speak to me. My sister did no activities at all.

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