Concert Day – Snow, Snow ….. quick, quick ….. Snow

A quick post on our Inspiration Christmas Concert Day at the Sage Gateshead - Snow, Snow ..... quick, quick ..... Snow. Hooray we did it!

We gave 2 wonderful performances of our Happy Holidays concert, both to rapturous applause and a standing ovation.

We got through all those words, stood up, sat down, stayed still, and sang in all the right parts. We ploughed through snow, snow, snow and didn’t once become adrift. Wow we were fine and dandy, weren’t we?

It was a long and fully packed day at the Sage, but we managed to pull through fortified by coffee and eating our own body weight in Mince Pies. Some of us tried to be good with the daytime treats, not because we are dieting (that doesn’t happen at this time of year) but more so that we needed to leave room for a Christmas Meal between performances. At the end of the day, those of us still left standing even had room for a few drinks with friends and family.

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