Compassions of a Youthful Heart

or an incredible joke by the almighty all I know is that even after this huge flaw I managed to grow my acquaintance with her into a close friendship. We would spend our day together and our nights prating. Sometimes I thought I was too casual, sometimes too intense and lurid, sometimes I crossed some lines and sometimes behaved in a way I never thought I could. I don’t know what it was, till date I don’t know but when I popped out my feelings to her and as to my expectations she made her excuses (what I didn’t thought of was her crying over my shoulders) I was hurt not in a non reacting way but in a manner that made me more violent than usual. I did some pretty insane things some of which I wasn’t capable of doing before but it subsided after a while and I returned to being myself at least as much of me as I could muster. But my heart wasn’t at peace, how could it be - I broke many strings of my ethics on that proposal, and the thought that kept bugging me was why the hell did she cry?

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