Coming Undone & Rethinking your Creative Mojo!

I think that every creative person goes through intermittent periods in their life when they look at the daunting blank of the canvas before them and feel utterly paralysed. I’m sorta still there now. I’ve been there over the last two weeks! Very often I’ve thought that being unable to write must mean a cessation of your creativity, a time when you’ve genuinely got nothing to say, no narrative left to create anymore. I’ve read more oftten and on more varied platforms than I care to list that this is when you should step back, do other things you love till you feel fired again to go birth thoughts and ideas and clothe them with the frivolity of wit and feel ready to set them free, unrestrained….

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Gnocchi with lemon, chive and pine-nut pesto

Chocolate Banana Brazil Brownies - of sorts