Come Dine with Friends...Round One

Come Dine with Friends...Round One

A few months ago, you might remember this post, where over a particularly yummy dinner with friends and after one too many alcoholic beverages, we decided to set ourselves our very own Come Dine with Me challenge and last week was our turn to kick things off. Brilliant. Hosting a dinner party for friends is stressful enough, without the added pressure of trying to impress them for points.

Two weeks of planning, (more like procrastinating around the menu plan), five supermarket trips, (why is it when you're hosting a dinner or a party you can never a) find everything you need in one store and b) remember everything you need in one store...?), plus a 'click and collect'- which is super handy- (aside from when they give you a tub of potato salad instead of celery and a bunch of limes in replace of lime cordial...seriously?!) Plus 48 hours spent tending to a marinated beef joint whilst the Hubster gave a measly tub of lemon sorbet more attention than I get in a week and we were finally ready for our guests...that's if we didn't fall asleep before they arrived. This entertaining lark is exhausting...!

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