Colour love is still high on the agenda in Janice world this week. Yes, I'm still decorating the house, and trying furniture in different places, like some installation piece of art or something, to me it's never finished. Well I suppose it keeps me off the streets. 

Judith Devlin, who you can see in this months Homes & Antiques, was one of the sellers I met at Village Vintage last week. I bought several pieces from her like the pink enamel coffee pot. I also bought a French Lavabo, ok I didn't know that name until after, but its a hand washing device, fixed to the wall, and if you read about it on Wikipedia, it has religious connections. It also has amazing pink enamel tank and basin but the wooden stand needed some shuzzing,so I delved into my Annie Sloan paint library.

It is a proven fact that colour effects mood, and I think for creative types its more than that, it touches something deep down that cannot be described. Green is relaxing, red increases your heart rate and blue, apparently, actually makes your body produce calming chemicals.

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