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So as you can tell from the title, Boo has colic. When Boo was born, he came fast and he was very grunty, and a ribena head, (they were the technical terms) and they didn’t let us out of hospital immediately.

Once Mr L left us in that hospital the first evening, Boo started to cry and he didn’t stop all night. The doctors where pleased as it got rid of his grunting but it was serious hard work, so hard that he was actually taken from me twice by the nurses to give me a break. He just screamed and screamed and screamed.

We got him home and the screaming seemed to continue, the first few days, Mr L and I thought that he just had his days and nights all mixed up, and that it would settle a couple of days later, however it didn’t seem to settle.

Boo has been formula feed from birth and on his first few visits to the midwives he had lost weight like all babies do, but he wasn’t putting it on as quick as they would hope so we had to stay under them for a while longer.

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