Coffee Vodka & Boozy Mocha Mousse

Coffee Vodka & Boozy Mocha Mousse

Loving this from The Crazy Kitchen - combines tow of my great loves - coffee and vodka!

It is really that simple, and the end result is not unlike the taste of Tia Maria - delicious if you are a coffee lover.

Now that you've made the coffee vodka you can use it to pour over ice cream, in baking and also whip up this very delicious mousse. This recipe serves one but you can just increase the quantities for additional servings.

Boozy Mocha Mousse - serves 1

50ml Double cream 50g Nutella chocolate spread 1 tbsp Coffee Vodka Whisk the ingredients together until they form soft peaks Pour into a glass or small dish & refrigerate for at least 30 minutes

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