Coffee and Walnut Cake - A Classic British Recipe

Coffee and Walnut Cake - A Classic British Recipe

Mum didn't end up baking the entire time I was at home over Easter but I don't think she minded. She was out in the garden (her other love) most of the time and both cakes I mind turned out really well. The other one will hopefully appear on here soon, revision/panic status allowing. But let's not think about that. Let's think about how delicious this coffee and walnut cake is. Strong, hearty coffee give a well rounded flavour throughout while the home-ground walnuts add moisture as well as colour and texture with the flecks and mini nuggets of nut. Then fill the sandwich with the fluffiest, most richly coffee flavoured buttercream, top with decorative rosette buttercream swirls and add the all important coffee bean sprinkles.

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