Coffee and Cardamom icecream

Coffee and Cardamom icecream

If you like cardamom then you will love this ice cream if you don't click off to read something else...

50g espresso coffee beans 1 tbsp cardamom pods pinch of salt 4 egg yolks 100g of golden caster sugar 300ml whole milk 250ml of double cream

Wizz the coffee beans and cardamom till it becomes gritty but not a powder Add to the milk and heat till steaming then leave to infuse for 30 mins Sieve out the coffee and the cardamom and add the cream and heat until steaming again Whisk the eggs and sugar till light and fluffy Add the warmed milk to the eggs and whisk constantly till all the milk is added Heat the coffee custard till it reaches 85c then allow to cool before adding it to your ice cream machine

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