Cocon-oaty slice

Cocon-oaty slice

Today is the last time we'll do it. The last Monday of choir and football for my kids before we head west. And while there was no Cubs, the boys were off to get their 'silver' Chief Scout awards. I wanted to make something nicer than just fishfingers for all of them.

So we had toad in the hole, followed by Cocon-oaty Slice, a creation heavily based on a Good Food recipe I found, which I've never made before. I was sceptical, I have to say. No flour, no fat, just dessicated coconut, some extras and a couple of eggs. A real storecupboard standby.

Notwithstanding that I didn't have enough dessicated coconut, and reassured by the helpful reviews on the website, I had a go with what I had.

My harshest critics (the massed ranks of small people) pronounced it rather good. "1 million out of 10" - and that from one that is not my child.

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