Cocktails on the Beach - On a School Night!

Cocktails on the Beach - On a School Night!

I am extremely delighted (feet did a happy dance thing under my desk) to be recipe testing as part a new iPad app called Seasons Eatings. This app is the mastermind of Kathleen Korb, photographer and writer and Bruce Cole, editor and writer both based in San Francisco. Their vision for this app is to appeal to home cooks who want simple, elegant recipes that take them through the seasons with beautiful photos to not only aide but inspire.

So here's my three recipes I am testing and here's the best bit: they are cocktails! And where else to test the final recipe but down the beach hut! Sorry for poor light in shots but it was cocktail hour. Strawberry Shrub with Vodka and Tarragon Meyer Lemon Shrub with Tequila and Thyme Cherry Shrub with Vodka and Lime I didn't know what a shrub was so I was definitely intrigued; a shrub is a way of persevering fresh fruit using vinegar and sugar dating back to colonial America. Fruit is macerated with sugar and then vinegar is added to taste. It's a sweet and sour thing and utterly delicious.

For more details on these recipes see to find out more.

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